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“I’ve been using my sleep retainer and I absolutely love it. The first night I stopped snoring, my wife loves it because I think she now gets a better sleep.  And if ever I forget to wear it to bed, she is more than happy to go find it wherever it is in the house and bring it to me because she immediately finds that both she and I sleep much better.

So, it’s been a great experience with no side effects, no pain, nothing. It’s been absolutely awesome.”                                                                           Randhir V., San Jose

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Hello and thank you for visiting Snoring and Sleep Apnea Solutions!

Simply by visiting this site, you are taking your first step in making your health a priority. I have been helping patients save their relationships and their lives for 14 years by providing them with dental sleep retainers.

My story is probably very similar to yours. I truly feel that I would not be here today if I had not listened to my wife and made my health a priority. In 1996, I was waking up in the middle of the night, sitting up and gasping for air. My father died of a heart attack the year after we were married. My wife was afraid I was having heart problems. Our daughters were very young at the time and I was worried that I wouldn’t be there for all their important milestones.

My wife finally said, “I don’t know what’s wrong but please call your doctor.” I did call and was diagnosed with sleep apnea and used the only treatment option at the time, a CPAP machine. That call saved my life. Last year, I walked my daughter Jordan down the aisle!

It saddens me every time I think of all the concerned family members (usually women) who have told me even with tears in their eyes that their loved ones refuse to get tested for sleep apnea. Not to mention all the people who are CPAP intolerant and don’t know that there may be another option- a dental sleep retainer

It became part of my mission to help educate people of the alternative to give those diagnosed with sleep apnea hope that they can improve the quality of their life, and be there for their family’s precious moments.

I feel truly honored to have helped over a thousand people save their relationships and their lives.


Aldon J. Hilton D.D.S.

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