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Combination Therapy

Combination therapyThere are times when patients cannot tolerate using a CPAP and just using an oral appliance does not reduce their sleep apnea to a safe level.

Instead of having to go back to their CPAP and dealing with all of the issues of getting a mask to fit, mask leakage and the extra pressure necessary to open the airway, the best of both treatment options can work together to get the desired result.

It is known as combination therapy and it works this way.

First, using an oral appliance partially opens the airway so that 40% less pressure is needed to provide treatment. With less pressure, many of the issues of using a CPAP can be eliminated.

Second, the hoses are attached to the oral appliance and not to some strap-on device that many patients find annoying. With less pressure needed and no headgear to hold a mask in place, “nasal pillows” can be used in the treatment.

Nasal pillows are an excellent option to wearing a CPAP mask.

If you currently are wearing an oral appliance and it’s not working for you, it’s possible we could rehabilitate it so that you could use combination therapy to treat your apnea.