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New Years Resolution Time!

Dear Friends:

Did you make New Year’s resolutions? If you are anything like me, they included getting healthy. And, probably like me, you have only been moderately successful. When I came across this helpful article by Dr. Deborah Caldwell entitled: Change Your Health (and Life) in 6 Simple Steps, I decided to share her “steps” with you.

#1. Work with a Health Care Provider

She says, “It is impossible to be objective about yourself…a skilled health care provider can help you focus in on the specific things that make the most impact in your health.”

I hope you think of me as a partner in helping you with your sleep apnea.

#2. Create a Simple Protocol

“Start with the end goal in mind. Where do you want to be in a month or a year from now? Determine what simple steps will get you there.”

#3. Plan Ahead

“Take the time to think about the next week or month. What do you need to make good choices?”

#4. Create Accountability

“There’s something powerful about having a ‘check-in-buddy’ who will encourage you through the baby steps, milestones and off days.”

#5. Make it Enjoyable

What are the activities that you enjoy that are both healthy and fun. If you don’t know, do a quick Internet search. “And, don’t forget a good old-fashioned reward system!”

#6. Be Holistically Mindful

Dr. Caldwell says that her clients who have the most success, also “know that they are on a spiritual healing journey…using tools such as meditation, prayer, journaling, mindfulness and affirmations.”

And, don’ t forget to encourage your loved ones to join you in having a healthier 2015.


Best Wishes and Happy New Year!


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