Here's The Best Way To Treat Your Sleep Apnea?

Use A Small, Lightweight And Portable Device Instead Of A CPAP Machine

Dr. Aldon Hilton is a dentist that understands how sleep apnea affects your life. He was diagnosed in 1997 and has been treating patients with oral appliances since 2001. To date he has helped nearly 2000 patients have a more restful night's sleep, relieve their daytime fatigue and morning headaches. This has boosted their workday energy creating more focus at work and at home. Dr. Hilton is one of only a handful of dentists worldwide that devote their practices to treating sleep apnea patients 100% of the time.  

“I use my sleep appliance every night. Dr. Hilton did a fantastic job. It has a very comfortable fit and works great to stop my snoring. I feel in general more awake and i have more energy. Thanks Dr. Hilton!"

John B. Santa Clara, CA

“Dr. Hilton has provided me sleep apnea appliances that help me sleep better and without snoring. He always takes the time to explain everything clearly, so that I know how to use and take care of the appliances at home. I highly recommend his practice to anyone with sleep apnea issues.”

Marko T. Dublin, CA