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The Respire Blue Series

respire-blueThe Respire Blue Series retainer is one of the newer designs on the market. The two-piece design uses a “fin” to hold your lower jaw in a slightly forward position. Its small profile makes it a popular choice with patients.

It’s made from a proprietary medical grade hard resin outer shell for strength and durability that is bonded to a durable soft silicone liner. Its highly polished surface makes it comfortable to wear and gentle on the soft tissues of your cheek and tongue. All of the adjustment mechanisms are made of medical-grade stainless steel insuring they do not rust and remain workable for many years.

Improvements are made to its performance by turning an adjustment screw housed in a protective shell on each side of the retainer. It is small and lightweight and one of our most popular models. The liner comfortably holds the upper and lower in place and protects your teeth from grinding. It controls both snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.