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Hello and thank you for visiting this site. My name is Dr. Aldon Hilton. I am a dentist who has sleep apnea and been treating patients for sleep apnea since 2001. I have successfully treated nearly 2000 patients for their snoring and sleep apnea using an oral appliance. Since my diagnosis in 1997 my journey has been to eliminate my daytime fatigue, drowsy driving, and increase my energy so I feel like doing more during my day and when I get home. I wanted to eliminate my snoring so that I could sleep in the same bed with my wife.

I also wanted to protect my health by reducing my risks of getting heart disease, suffering from high blood pressure, depression and strokes. It was unknown in 1997, but I was also reducing my chances of the potential memory loss and dementia associated from not treating my apnea.

Treatment energized my life, to both practice dentistry and spend more time with my family as our daughters became increasingly active in their high school years. We even added another Golden Retriever to our family. What journey are you on? What goals would you like to achieve?

Get a restful night’s sleep and have more energy • Spend more time with your children, family, and friends • Start an exercise program • Stay up late to binge on your favorite Netflix® series • Have energy for a movie and a late night dinner • Stay to the final inning to see if your team can pull it out instead of having to get a head start for home in order to beat the traffic.

Plan that once-in-a-lifetime-vacation • Gain more focus at work and complete your tasks sooner • Eliminate morning headaches • Restore your energy naturally instead of overdosing on caffeine • Sleep with your bed partner.

Breathe naturally instead of inhaling forced air down your throat • Prevent some of the potentially disabling and life-threatening medical conditions of untreated sleep apnea such as reducing your risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, major strokes, silent strokes, depression, memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Whatever it is, it all begins and depends upon getting a good night’s sleep.