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5 Tips to Help You Get More Sleep

5 Tips to Help You Get More Sleep

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  1. Treat Your Sleep Apnea: Make this the year you let us help you save your relationships and your life. Make a free consultation appointment today.
  2. Power down everything an hour before bed: Nearly all Americans use some tech gadget in the hour before bed at least a couple of nights a week, according to the National Sleep Foundation’s 2011 Sleep In America poll. But the blue light emitted from TV, laptop, tablet and smartphone screens disrupts the brain’s natural melatonin production and can trigger alertness, keeping you awake later.
  3. Commit to at least 7 hours: most people require about seven to nine hours to feel and function their best. Risk for a number of the serious consequences of short sleep, like heart problems and obesity, increases dramatically when people get fewer than six hours a night.
  4. Take into consideration what you eat and when you eat: Experts recommend ditching caffeine six to eight hours before bed to make sure it’s out of your system by lights out time. Alcohol, while it can help lull you to sleep, is only disruptive later on in the night. It’s also a good idea to steer clear of fatty foods too close to bedtime, since they can lead to fewer hours of sleep, and sleep-disrupting issues like indigestion and acid reflux.
  5. If you really can’t sleep then get out of bed: Getting out of bed may be the last thing you feel like doing when counting sheep just won’t work, but it can actually help you fall back to sleep faster — and reduce the stress of staring at the clock.

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