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Daylight Savings Time- it’s baaaack

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According to an article in Huffington Post by Lindsay Holmes, it is the “non-sensical tradition that everyone loves to hate.”

The article goes on to outline the four ways to minimize the effect of daylight savings time:

Cut off caffeine. That late-afternoon coffee break may contribute to wakeful hours later on. Try eliminating your java intake at least six hours before bed just to be sure.

Nix the nightcap. It’s tempting to stay out on a Saturday night, but even just the slightest bit of alcohol can disturb your sleep. Cut out the late-night vice and opt for another beverage instead.

Set up a sleep haven. Make your bed a place you actually want to crawl into by selecting comfortable sheets and making sure your pillows and covers are clean. Also be sure to reserve the space for sleep and sex only. The more you do in your bed (like work) the less likely you are to associate it with rest.

Stick to a schedule. You’re more likely to have higher quality of sleep if you prioritize bedtime. Try to go to sleep around the same time every night — even with the time change.

Hope these tips will help you!

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