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The severity of sleep apnea is determined by the number of times you either stop breathing or have restricted breathing during a sleep study. That becomes either your AHI/hr. Score or your RDI score.


If your airway is either restricted or becomes totally closed 6 to 15 times per hour, then you would be diagnosed with mild sleep apnea; 16 to 29 times per hour and you would be classified as having moderate sleep apnea; severe sleep apnea is having an airway that restricts breathing above 30 times per hour, or once every 30 seconds.


Each time your body responds as a result of a restriction in your breathing, it awakens the brain and keeps you from having a restful nights sleep.


My Success Rates Using Sleep Retainers

A lot of you want to know if you would be successful wearing a sleep retainer instead of using your CPAP. Here is a graph of my results. In this study, the average starting AHI/hr. was 28.7 events per hour. The lowest patient treated had an AHI/hr. of 6.2 and the highest had an AHI of 77.1. On the average I was able to reduce their AHI/hr. scores to 5.9 events. This resulted in an average improvement of 79%.


Would a sleep retainer work for you? Probably!

Why do I say that?

I was able to help the patient with the AHI/hr. score of 77.1 by reducing his AHI/hr. score to and AHI/HR. score of 2.7—a 96% improvement. If I can do that, then I probably can help you.

If you have any questions about how I can help you ditch your CPAP for good, please call me on my personal cell phone: (408) 394-0430






Dr. Aldon Hilton


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