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How to Survive the Dog Days of Summer

Do you know why this time of year is called the “dog days of summer”? Ancient Romans coined the term because their hottest and most humid days occurred when the star Sirius, known as the Dog Star, was the brightest star in Canis Major or Large Dog.

If you find yourself having less energy and less motivation this time of year, then Life and Empowerment Coach Diane Passage shares the following tips to survive and thrive during the dog days.


“When you have zero enthusiasm, taking a first step is daunting, but you must take that step. Action – even minimal-is always a good thing.” (My note: especially if it will improve the quality of your life like getting a sleep test!)


Adjust your attitude to the weather and try to make the best of the heat. (My note: one of my favorite mantras is “This Too Shall Pass.”)


“Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night, 3 liters of water per day, some fresh air, breathe deep, eat clean and exercise…because heat makes you tired.” (My note: does your sleep appliance need replacing or adjusting?)


Staying connected to friends and family is always great but sometimes it can overwhelming. Put down the device, especially in the bedroom. The blue light from screens can interrupt your sleep cycles.


“Music and mood are naturally linked and you can access a mood or mindset simply by the music you choose.”  (My note: Re-visiting past favorites or finding a new artist you like can add to your happiness. )

If all of the above fails, a visit to see “Karl the Fog” in San Francisco could do the trick!


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