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No Sleep Study? No Problem!

We are now offering the WatchPAT One: the first and only disposable home sleep test. Say goodbye to complicated wires and overnight studies at a sleep clinic!


It’s a small easy-to-use test that fits on your index finger.


Instead of going to a sleep center and spending the night, you can sleep at home and take a simple test to see if you have sleep apnea. Home sleep testing (HST) is now the preferred way insurance companies want their members, tested because it’s inexpensive, comfortable and easy-to-use. 


The WatchPAT ONE is a single use, disposable Home Testing Device, that monitors your breathing while you sleep. Its primary purpose is to detect whether or not you have a level of sleep apnea that needs treatment. 


It also measures the frequency and loudness of your snoring, oxygen levels to your brain and the severity these interruptions may have on your health. It works off an app you download to your smartphone. Simply open your phone’s app store and search for “WatchPAT ONE”.


As it is a single use device, there are no refunds if there are errors in the report. Allow yourself enough time to review the information before going to bed. The proper placement of the sensors is vital to a successful testing experience. Be especially careful about using lotions, wearing jewelry, and artificial nails as these could interfere with your results. Do not rush the placement of the device. 


In the morning, you simply remove the testing device and yes, you can recycle it.

Your sleep testing information has been automatically uploaded  to a secure site for processing. 




A sleep medicine physician that is licensed to practice in the State of California will remotely evaluate your results, so you do not have to take time out of your day for an office visit. This is a very important part of the process. It is the single report that insurance companies need that “unlocks your insurance benefits.” 




The total non-refundable, prepaid fee for this service is $180.00. This includes our direct costs for the WatchPat ONE, a sleep medicine doctor reviewing the information, and shipping the device to you. 


If you would like to sign-up to receive a WatchPAT One, please email with your phone number and mailing address. We will call you to make arrangements.

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