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* It’s comfortable. I don’t even know it’s there. Sometimes I get up in the morning, since I live alone, walk around before I realize it’s still in my mouth and take it out. Easy to clean, unbreakable and I feel comfortable with it. It’s something that one can use and you don’t look like somebody from outer space using the mask. I am glad I have it.     Kay Bowers, San Jose


* The sleep retainer that Dr. Hilton made for me is wonderful in comparison (to the CPAP.) I’ve been able to wear it every night. It’s easy to wear. I’ve been using the sleep retainer for about 4 weeks now. It’s comfortable and it’s sure a lot better than that CPAP.

It’s stopped my snoring. I would recommend this to anyone who has a problem with snoring and/or sleep apnea.    Rey Call, San Jose


* I have been feeling 100% better. Much better than the CPAP machine. I used to snore like a bear and now—I don’t snore at all. Even on my back. Cleaning is easy! I just brush it with a toothbrush every morning. Once a week I put it in water with one of those denture- cleaning tablets you find at Walgreens. I recommend it for anyone with sleep apnea.     Philip Delgadillo, San Jose


*The first day I wore the apparatus, that very first night I went to bed, the first comment from my wife the next morning was “you stopped snoring!”  Every night I went home after that first week I couldn’t wait to put it in to get to sleep because it seemed to increase my energy in the evening time. I wasn’t quite so foggy-headed in the morning because I probably was getting more air. The other thing that is useful about this product is that it’s not like a CPAP machine where you have to lie flat on your back you can move around sleep on your side, really it doesn’t bother much.     Ralph Kania, San Jose


*I was prescribed with a CPAP machine—the orientation to using the equipment was surreal: the mask, the hose, the noise, the air, it was disturbing to say the least. After 4 months of going to bed with the CPAP attached, I was consistently waking up with the mask on the floor. My doctor said I had poor compliance.  My physician suggested that I consider an oral appliance and recommended Dr. Hilton.

My wife loves it too- whenever I fall asleep without it, she hears me snoring and gently reminds me to put it on so we can both feel rested in the morning.     Timothy Lombard, San Jose


*I was told to use a CPAP machine but it was too noisy, dried out my nasal passages, and required me to wear a mask. I could not sleep comfortably using it. My doctor suggested I see a dentist who could make me a “dental appliance” which would prevent my airway from being closed. He recommended Dr. Aldon Hilton.

I was amazed at the results I have had by using this appliance. I don’t wake myself due to snoring and my husband says he cannot tell when I am asleep now, because I no longer snore at all! I wake up rested and comfortable. It’s so easy to use. I just pop on the mouth guards and go to sleep.

Many thanks to Dr. Hilton and his wonderful staff for helping my family and I find restful sleep.     Robin Feinman-Marino, San Jose


*I was then referred to Dr. Aldon Hilton by an ENT specialist that had referred many other patients to him. Dr. Hilton has a lot of knowledge about all the different types of oral appliances used for apnea – he says that he uses only 4 of the 19 different types of these appliances for his patients.

The appliance is easy to use and easy to care for and has a very compact carrying case for travel. Dr. Hilton was very professional and very friendly in all of my visits to him. He is careful to schedule follow up appointments (all costs included in the appliance cost) to make sure the appliance is in proper working condition.

I can now again sleep on my back without waking up gasping. I no longer wake up soaked from a heavy apnea induced sweat (my muscles working so hard without adequate oxygen). A friend of mine also told me that I have more color back in my face after I had been using the appliance for a couple months with its full adjustment. Overall, the appliance has been very positive for my health and well-being.

I have referred a number of co-workers and friends to Dr. Hilton for similar treatment. A co-worker also has had the same treatment from Dr. Hilton and is similarly satisfied with the results. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Hilton to anyone such as myself with moderate to mild sleep apnea for treatment with an oral appliance.     Paul McDonald, San Jose


*I hate my CPAP machine. I really think this dental appliance has helped me a great deal. I feel refreshed in the morning and I don’t snore as much as I used to without this sleep retainer. I surely recommend this to anyone who has sleep apnea and who hates using their CPAP machine.       Aida Miranda, Santa Clara.


*I would like to take this opportunity to tell you guys that you are A O.K. …Never thought a dentist visit would be so pleasurable!!!

I want you to know, that my Oral Appliance is as advertised…I am sleeping much better and my blood pressure is down to normal! How good is that? I am hoping that eventually I will discontinue using all medications.   Samir Moghannam, Millbrae


*I contacted Dr. Hilton because I wanted to try this device because I was really hassled with the C-Pap machine and the cleaning in the morning, disinfectant and all that caused. I had been getting sinus problems from my CPAP when I hadn’t cleaned it like they had told me to clean it. So, this is a lot easier to clean and a lot easier to use.

I am pleased to recommend Dr. Hilton and his very friendly, courteous and very professional staff.

I am happy to recommend them to anyone.    Mark Morris, San Jose


*I’ve been using Dr. Hilton’s oral appliance and I absolutely love it. The first night I stopped snoring, my wife loves it because I think she now gets a better sleep.  And if ever I forget to wear it to bed, she is more than happy to go find it wherever it is in the house and bring it to me because she immediately finds that both she and I sleep much better.

So, it’s been a great experience with no side effects, no pain, nothing. It’s been absolutely awesome.     Randhir Vieira, San Jose

 * individual results may vary