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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift…

Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift

This Valentine’s Day, give the gift that is not on anyone’s list. Advertisers will not be marketing this to you or to anyone.  There won’t be a commercial on TV, or a radio ad telling you to buy it, because there is nothing to buy! There is nothing to unwrap! But it could possibly be the best gift that your loved ones will ever receive.

If you, or anyone you know, has obstructive sleep apnea, and are not treating it, then today is the best day to start. The people that love us the most, our families, are very concerned about our health.

I have been treating sleep apnea patients since 2001, and I can tell you that there are numerous medical risk factors for untreated sleep apnea.  I wrote The Smart Consumer Guide to Getting a Dental Sleep Retainer (available on Amazon and Kindle) to help educate people on these risk factors and to explain the benefits of using a dental sleep retainer.  You may just think that you’re disrupting your bed partner by your snoring, but it goes far beyond that.  You might just be the person that has a sudden heart attack from not treating your apnea.

A former employee of mine had a brother-in-law that was diagnosed with sleep apnea.  He was an overall healthy guy, watched what he ate, exercised regularly and lived a pretty healthy lifestyle.  He had been diagnosed with sleep apnea and was given a CPAP machine to treat it.  Like many people, he wasn’t CPAP compliant and instead of seeking out alternative treatments, he just put his machine on a shelf in the garage and forgot about it.  One morning his wife came in to wake him up, since they slept in different rooms because of his apnea, and she found that he had died in his sleep from an apparent heart attack.  He didn’t take treating his sleep apnea seriously and the damage to his heart was too great because of it.

I make sleep retainers for people who cannot use a CPAP but my message is simple:

Tell your friends, family members and co-workers to treat their sleep apnea. Either use a CPAP, get serious about losing weight or talk to a physician about having some surgery to help.  Do whatever is necessary.

If you know of someone that struggles with their CPAP, have them call my office for a free consultation appointment.

Help spread the word that the ultimate gift this Valentine’s Day is treating your sleep apnea.


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