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Welcome to the family Rosie!

Welcome Rosie and Happy Dog Appreciation Day!

Calle and I are happy to welcome a new grand puppy to our family. She joins her four-legged brother (Lincoln) and her two-legged family members, our daughter Jordan, son-in-law Eric, and grandchildren Alayna and Simon.

Our daughters grew up with Golden Retrievers and the laughter and love they brought made us a much better family.

Dog Appreciation Day is Saturday, August 26th.  In addition to the laughter and love, there have been numerous studies that show how dogs are good for our health.

Scientists have discovered that dogs increase the level of the powerful hormone oxytocin, also known the “love” hormone.

Oxytocin has been shown to lower stress, help with anger and depression, alleviate allergies, increase immune responses, enhance social skills, boost heart health, and dog assisted therapy can even help cancer patients participate more actively in their own healing.

Please join us in celebrating Dog Appreciation Day!

Calle and Aldon



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